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Ana Mirtha is a Spanish theatre artist living in London and Madrid. She is the Artistic Director of Knuk Theatre.

She graduated in Physical Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). A two year Lecoq´s based and devising theatre program directed by Thomas Prattki. And has completed her studies in clown, puppetry, butoh, contemporary dance, Laban technique, and circus (tumbling, acro-balance, flying trapeze, static trapeze, Chinese pole, tight wire, rope and unicycle) at The Circus Space (London), The Place (London) Central School of Speech and Drama(London), Rada (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) (London), La Cuarta Pared (Madrid) and Karen Taft  (Madrid).


 She has worked internationally as a perfomer-deviser, director and puppeteer for several companies such as:  Wet Picnic (U.K) ,Strange Attractor Theatre (U.S.A), Finger in the Pie (U.K), La Mirilla Teatro (Spain), No Time Teatro (Spain) or Cabuia Teatro (Argentina)


Ana Mirtha has also trained with Norman Taylor (Lecoq), Lorna Marshall, John Nobbs(Suzuki Technique), Jacqui Carrol (Suzuki Technique), Vanessa Ewan (Laban), Richard Emmert (Teatro Noh), Frances Barbe (Danza Butoh), Marie Gabrielle-Rotie (Butoh) and companies such as:

Song of the Goat, Wired Aerial Theatre and Frank Theatre among others.


Over 10 years, she has specialized in devising and physical theatre, but she has also worked with text with different directors both in U.K (Filiz Özcan, Alex Parsonage) and Spain (Antonio Avellaneda, Carlos Manzanares, etc).

She has taught Physical Theatre, Devising Skills, Playfulness and Clown  in Estudio Juan Codina (Madrid, Spain), ESAD (Vigo, Spain),  Greenwich University (London, U.K) and for companies such as DAF Theatre (Madrid, Spain) and ECAS Theatre (Providence, Rhode Island).

Ana Mirtha is passionate about the poetry of movement. Her interests as a theatre maker go beyong the theatre of mere entertainment. She focuses in creating a theatre that grows from the honesty of the actor´s body and it´s capacity to make visible the invisible, with the intention of provoking the audience new questions about existence and theatre itself.

As an artist she firmly believes that on stage “ Everything is possible” and she resumes her passion for creation with Beckett´s famous quote: 

  "No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better”.

  "My name is Ana Mirtha, I am a 36 year-old  Spanish Physical Performer and Theatremaker.

 I feel very confident devising  and working within an ensemble as that´s what I have mainly done in the past ten years. But I am also happy to be directed. Or direct others.

 I am enthusiastic and playful but I also respect and love my work very much, so when I commit with a project  I am more than happy to give my full energy and focus to it.

 I am not afraid of pushing my physical or emotional boundaries. Actually, just the idea of it makes me extremely excited.

I am absolutely passionate about movement and Theatre and  I would love to become part of a team that gives me the chance to play, risk and share with them in order to create new exciting work and to explore new ways of communicating with an audience."

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Graduated in Physical Theatre (Lecoq technique) and Devised Theatre from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) (Ending on July 2008)

2014  Central School of Speech and Drama

          “Laban Efforts of Action Drive” with Vanessa Ewan

2013  Rada Studios

           “Noh Theatre” workshop with Richard Emmert

           Karen Taft

           Contemporary jazz technique course

           Eastbourne House

           “Playfulness and clown for the actor” by The Movement Lab

           Escuela de  Gené y Chamé (Madrid)

           Clown workshop with Hernán Gené

           Chesinhale Dance Space (London)

          “Movement Laboratory” with Norman Taylor

           Moving Arts Base (London)

          "Cultivating Creativity through Butoh and Suzuki" with Frances Barbe

           Siobhan Davies (London)  

          “Cultivating creativity” workshop with Lorna Marshal

           Circus Space (London)

           Tumbling Course

2010  University of Kent (Canterbury)

           Frank Suzuki Performance Aesthetics workshop with Jonh Nobbs                 and Jacqui  Carrol of  Frank Theatre company

           The Higher Space (Liverpool)

           Bungee Assisted and Wall Dancing course with

           Wired Aerial Theatre Company.

2009 Eastbourne House (London)

          Physical Theatre Workshop with Marcin Rudy

          (Song of the Goat Theatre)

          The Courtyard Theatre (London)

          Butoh Workshop with Yomiko Yoshika

          Circus Space (London)

          Chinese Pole Course (2009-2011)

          Aerial Course (Rope, Flying Trapece, Static Trapece)

          Equilibristics Arts Course ( Tight Wire, Unicycle, Juggling,

          Whip Cracking)



          The Performer´s Playground (Warhorse Theatreworks)

          “ Grotowski and Viewpoints” with Filippos Kanakaris

2008  Bullion Theatre (London)

           Butoh Workshop with Frances Barbe

           Capoeira Agora School (London)

           Capoeira Workshop with Justyna Poznan


2007  The Place (London)

          Contemporary Technique Dance Course

          Buddhist Arts Centre (London)

          Butoh Workshop with Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

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Professional experience as a Performer

  • JORCAM  (Young Orquestra of Comunidad Madrid)

 2020-2021 Struwwelpeter, Cuentos crueles al oído devised by Ana Mirtha

Sariego, Cristina Cubells, Malvin Montero.

directed by: Cristina Cubells

Composer: Carlos de Castellarnau

Musical director: Jordi Francés

Palau de las Arts (Valencia) as part of the Contemporary Music                            Festival "ENSEMS Festival de Música Contemporánea"

Teatros del Canal (Madrid)

2018 “I´d be lost without it" devised by the company, 

directed by: Matt Feerick

Salisbury Playhouse  (Salisbury), Brighton Old Market (Brighton),

South Street Reading (Reading), Stratford Circus (London)

and Old Fire Station Oxford (Oxford).

2018 "Club Shed" devised by the company, 

directed by: Matt Feerick

South Street Reading (Reading).

2017-2018 "Crime Scene Live" devised by the company, 

directed by: Matt Feerick

Performed monthly at the Natutal History Museum (London)

2016-2019 “The Aperitif” devised by the company,

directed by: Matt Feerick.

Stockton International Riverside Festival (Stockton), Appetite (Stoke),


2016-2017 “The Ball” devised by the company,

directed by: Matt Feerick.

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival (Bournemouth),

Stockton International Riverside Festival (Stockton), Coventry, Darlington.

2016 "The Dinner Table" devised by the company, 

directed by: Matt Feerick.

Creswell Crag Festival.

2013-2018 “Suitcases” devised by the company,

 directed by: Matt Feerick.

Hat Fair (Winchester), Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival (Bournemouth),

Kidderminster, Coventry, Does Space Festival (Doncaster),

Art in the Park Festival (Leamington)

2014-2015  "Briefcases" devised by the company,

directed by: Matt Feerick and Andrew Dawson

Venue: Lighthouse Poole (Poole)

  • Culturepot Global

2013 “Bonbibi” directed by Filiz Özcan.

Main Role: Bonbibi

Venue: Rich Mix (London)

  • City of the Moon Theatre

2011-2012 “Tara, Under The Weather” devised by the company.

Venue: Etcetera Theatre (London), Dudgale Centre (London Mimetic Festival),

Kubik Fabrik (Madrid)

2011 “If you shoot a boot you might get wet” devised by the company.

Venue: Perishable Theatre (Providence, Rhode island, USA)

2009-2010 “Turkish Delights” directed by Filiz Özcan.

Venue: Touring U.K

  • Triple Trip Theatre

2009 “The pallela project” devised by the company.

Venue: Taste of Spain Festival (London and Edinburgh)

  • Quatre Mans Theatre

2009 “Not to be reproduced” devised by the company.

Venue: Candem´s People Theatre ( as part of Scene Pool Festival) (London)

2008 “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen.

Main Role:Gerda

Venue:New Wimbledon Studio (London)

  • Knuk Theatre

2008-2013  “Family Secrets” physical solo storytelling by Ana Mirtha Sariego.

Venues: The Jack Theatre,Trip of the light fantastic toe Cabaret,

Amersham Arms, Resistance Gallery,The Jam, Calders Bookshop. (London)

Short Films:


2005 Los amantes ensangrentados by Gabriel Medialdea.

         Finalist XI Festival de Cortos de la escuela de cine de Madrid

2004 La vida propia by JH Estrada.

         Finalist VI Festival de cortos Antonio de Nebrija

         Ahora me vas a oir by Nuria Cubas.

2003 El alma de los perros by Alberto Ruiz.

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Professional Experience as a Director

2018  Human 

by Pepe Castejon.

Company: Dactilar Teatro.

Venue: La Vilella Teatro (Barcelona)

2017  Trygve -vs- a baby 

Co-devised with Trygve Wakenshaw

August 2017-Roxy Assembley. (Edinburgh) Fringe Festival.

October 2017- Battersea Arts Centre (London)

April 2018- Jatka 78 (Prague)

2006  Esperando a Godot by Samuel Beckett.

Co-directed with Pablo Osuna.

"No Es Culpa Nuestra Teatro"

1ST Prize and Best Direction Prize of Festival de Teatro de la UPM.

1st Prize Festival de Teatro de Móstoles.

2nd Prize Festival de Teatro de Carabanchel.

Best scenography prize CERTALC.

Best music prize CERTALC.

Best make-up prize CERTALC.

Best collective acting  prize CERTALC.

2002 Director´s assistant in

A tumba abierta by Alfonso Vallejo

Argólida Teatro

Venue: Teatro de la Abadia (Madrid)

1st Prize UCM´s Theatre Festival

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V (69) bn.jpg

Physical Theatre and Movement Teacher

Teaching adults:

2018-2020 Teaching Neutral Mask, Movement and Physical Theatre principles at  Estudio Juan Codina (Madrid,Spain)

2019-2020 Teaching Physical theatre, Dramatic territories and Devising skills in Escuela Internacional del Gesto (Madrid, Spain)

2016 Workshop "Playfuness" at Espacio Teatral Canning (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

 2015- Workshop “The Poetic Body” at  ESAD (Vigo, Spain)

 2014- Teaching Physical Theatre and Devising for DAF company (Madrid)

 2011- Drama teacher for ECAS Theatre (Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A)

 2009- Workshop “Playwright:The dramatic conflict” at Greenwich University (London, U.K)


As a drama teacher:


2016-2017- Teaching Drama in English and Spanish for  TEATRO HORMIGAS (Madrid).


2008-2016 Working for ARTIS EDUCATION teaching the curriculum in Primary Schools through performing arts (U.K).

2009-2015 Working for  BIGFOOT ARTS  EDUCATION as a drama facilitator in Primary Schools (U.K).

2012-2016 Working as an actress and educator in secondary schools for  HYPERFUSION (U.K).


Ana Mirtha in pictures

Ana Mirtha
Ana Mirtha
Ana Mirtha
Ana Mirtha
Ana Mirtha
Ana Mirtha
Kitty Cat
The Ball
Briefcases. Rehearsals
If you Shoot a Boot
Larry and Flavia
If you Shoot a Boot
The Ball
Tara Under the Weather
Gerda and Kay
Larry and Flavia
IFyou shoot a boot you might get wet
IFyou shoot a boot you might get wet
Tara Under the Weather
The Snow Queen
The Aperitif
Flavia and Larry
Tara Under the Weather
Ana Mirtha
Tara Under the Weather
Gerda and Kay
Tara Under the Weather
Tara Under the Weather
       If You Shoot a Boot You Might Get Wet


Rompecabezas Theatre in collaboration with Strange Attractor Theatre

                Tara or Under The Weather


                                  Quatre Mans Theatre



                      Tara Under the Weather

                       City of the Moon Theatre

                Crime Scene Live

                     Wet Picnic

                   The Aperitif

                       Wet Picnic

Struwelpeter. Cuentos Crueles al oido


Knuk Theatre



Knuk Theatre is an International  Theatre Company whose members devise and work as an ensemble.

Knuk is interested in provoking audiences by creating high-impact physical theatre. 

Using clown, slapstick, multi-lingual text, and choreography, with a particular interest in the eccentric and absurd, the company interrogates big human themes such as identity, love, loss and belonging.


The company takes its inspiration from the works of different artists from a diverse array of disciplines, including Sammuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Magritte, Escher, Jacek Yerka, Arvö Part, Aki Kaurismaki, Roy Anderson and Emir Kusturika among others.

Knuk was founded by Ana Mirtha Sariego as an attempt to create Theatre that has no boundaries, and no fears. A theatre that is so imprudent that it challenges art and life itself. A theatre that is not only entertainment, but also a means of connecting with the audience and opening our hearts. Because Knuk creates from the heart and to the heart.


Knuk creates with passion and enthusiasm. As if it was the first day we’ve ever gathered together in a rehearsal room, as if we had never failed and never recovered a thousand times before, as if we knew that the only thing that keeps us alive is to go back to being children again, and PLAY...just PLAY. Because its that simple. 

Knuk Theatre is lucky enough to be in collaboration with the wonderful stupidity of exciting international artists and performers. from different nationalities and backgrounds:

 Nicolás Greco  co-founder (Argentina) , Carlos Cegarra (Spain), Ryan Murphy (U.K) Jorge Velasco (Spain), Diego Akselrad (Argentina), Jed Hancock-Brainerd (U.S.A), Rebecca Noon (U.S.A), Randy Gingsburg (U.S.A) Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro (Spain), Alejandro de Santos (Spain), Emiliano Calcagno (Spain), Jordi Rovira (Spain), Ross Flight (U.K)

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  • Ana Mirtha has been recently interviewed by English director Russell Lucas for "300 Thoughts for Theatremakers"

Due to Covid19, the programmed shows of Struwelpeter, cuentos crueles al oído in Teatro López de Ayala (Badajoz) have been postponed.

struwelpeter rehearsals.jpg
  • Ana Mirtha is currently devising a show for the Imperial War Museum (London) with the company Wet Picnic (U.K). The show will open on the 26th of November at the Churchill War Rooms in London.

  • She is also devising wit Wet Picnic a series of films named "The birthday Party"

  • Knuk Theatre had to postpone the opening of their show             Home: A Journey to the Unknown, due to Covid19. The show      will soon be performed at Teatro Circo (Murcia)

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Ana Mirtha Sariego

(0044) 7810802938 (U.K number)

(0034) 626958994 (Spanish number)

¡Gracias! Mensaje enviado.

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