Ana Mirtha is a Spanish theatre artist living in London and Madrid. She is the Artistic Director of Knuk Theatre.

She graduated in Physical Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA). A two year Lecoq´s based and devising theatre program directed by Thomas Prattki. And has completed her studies in clown, puppetry, butoh, contemporary dance, Laban technique, and circus (tumbling, acro-balance, flying trapeze, static trapeze, Chinese pole, tight wire, rope and unicycle) at The Circus Space (London), The Place (London) Central School of Speech and Drama(London), Rada (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) (London), La Cuarta Pared (Madrid) and Karen Taft  (Madrid).


 She has worked internationally as a perfomer-deviser, director and puppeteer for several companies such as:  Wet Picnic (U.K) ,Strange Attractor Theatre (U.S.A), Finger in the Pie (U.K), La Mirilla Teatro (Spain), No Time Teatro (Spain) or Cabuia Teatro (Argentina)


Ana Mirtha has also trained with Norman Taylor (Lecoq), Lorna Marshall, John Nobbs(Suzuki Technique), Jacqui Carrol (Suzuki Technique), Vanessa Ewan (Laban), Richard Emmert (Teatro Noh), Frances Barbe (Danza Butoh), Marie Gabrielle-Rotie (Butoh) and companies such as:

Song of the Goat, Wired Aerial Theatre and Frank Theatre among others.


Over 10 years, she has specialized in devising and physical theatre, but she has also worked with text with different directors both in U.K (Filiz Özcan, Alex Parsonage) and Spain (Antonio Avellaneda, Carlos Manzanares, etc).

She has taught Physical Theatre, Devising Skills, Playfulness and Clown  in Estudio Juan Codina (Madrid, Spain), ESAD (Vigo, Spain),  Greenwich University (London, U.K) and for companies such as DAF Theatre (Madrid, Spain) and ECAS Theatre (Providence, Rhode Island).

Ana Mirtha is passionate about the poetry of movement. Her interests as a theatre maker go beyong the theatre of mere entertainment. She focuses in creating a theatre that grows from the honesty of the actor´s body and it´s capacity to make visible the invisible, with the intention of provoking the audience new questions about existence and theatre itself.

As an artist she firmly believes that on stage “ Everything is possible” and she resumes her passion for creation with Beckett´s famous quote: 

  "No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better”.

  "My name is Ana Mirtha, I am a 35 year-old  Spanish Physical Performer and Theatre Maker.

 I feel very confident devising  and working within an ensemble as that´s what I have mainly done in the past ten years. But I am also happy to be directed. Or direct others.

 I am enthusiastic and playful but I also respect and love my work very much, so when I commit with a project  I am more than happy to give my full energy and focus to it.

 I am not afraid of pushing my physical or emotional boundaries. Actually, just the idea of it makes me extremely excited.

I am absolutely passionate about movement and Theatre and  I would love to become part of a team that gives me the chance to play, risk and share with them in order to create new exciting work and to explore new ways of communicating with an audience."

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