Knuk Theatre is an International  Theatre Company whose members devise and work as an ensemble.

Knuk is interested in provoking audiences by creating high-impact physical theatre. 

Using clown, slapstick, multi-lingual text, and choreography, with a particular interest in the eccentric and absurd, the company interrogates big human themes such as identity, love, loss and belonging.


The company takes its inspiration from the works of different artists from a diverse array of disciplines, including Sammuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Magritte, Escher, Jacek Yerka, Arvö Part, Aki Kaurismaki and Emir Kusturika among others.

Knuk was founded by Ana Mirtha Sariego as an attempt to create Theatre that has no boundaries, and no fears. A theatre that is so imprudent that it challenges art and life itself. A theatre that is not only entertainment, but also a means of connecting with the audience and opening our hearts. Because Knuk creates from the heart and to the heart.


Knuk creates with passion and enthusiasm. As if it was the first day we’ve ever gathered together in a rehearsal room, as if we had never failed and never recovered a thousand times before, as if we knew that the only thing that keeps us alive is to go back to being children again, and PLAY...just PLAY. Because its that simple. 

Knuk Theatre is lucky enough to be in collaboration with the wonderful stupidity of exciting international artists and performers. from different nationalities and backgrounds:

 Nicolás Greco  co-founder (Argentina) Ryan Murphy (U.K) Jorge Velasco (Spain), Diego Akselrad (Argentina), Jed Hancock-Brainerd (U.S.A), Rebecca Noon (U.S.A), Randy Gingsburg (U.S.A) Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro (Spain), Alejandro de Santos (Spain), Emiliano Calcagno (Spain), Jordi Rovira (Spain), Ross Flight (U.K)

Due to it´s international nature,  currently the company has several projects under development that are waiting to see the light soon: 

KNUK (The Play) : Alejandro de Santos, Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro, Gon Ramos and Ana Mirtha Sariego.

PHIL y NIFLOW: Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro and Ana Mirtha Sariego.

LA TOMATINA: Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Aram Aghazarian,Rebecca Noon and Ana Mirtha Sariego.

TWO IDIOTS TELLING A STORY: Ryan Murphy and Ana Mirtha Sariego.

METAMORFOSIS, una exploración de la poética del cuerpo: Nicolás Greco and Ana Mirtha Sariego.

Las Aventuras y Desventuras de una enANA de pelo rojo: Ana Mirtha Sariego.

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